10' Inflatable Circular Mesh Dock AVAILABLE ON AMAZON

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Inflatable 10' x 10' x 8" circular dock with a mesh center. Utilize 24" of dock surround to relax, sun bath and hangout. Mesh center is removable. Fits up to 10 people with minimal tossing, turning, or tipping.

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• Applications: Recreation, leisure, work and utility.
• Compatibility: Saltwater & freshwater / Pet friendly
• Material: UV Resistant PVC & removable center mesh


    10' x 10' x 8"
    Capacity: 7-10 people
    Recommended Pressure: 10 PSI
    Dock Weight: 50lbs
    Folded Size: 30" x 20" x 11"
    Packed Weight: 54lbs

    • Pump with gauge
    • Duffle-style carry bag
    • Repair kit

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